Windy Beach Photoshoot with Jordana – Behind the Scenes

The first photoshoot I did after getting the Yungnuo Flash for Canon. I had some sunset flash photography Ideas that I wanted to try and the beach was the perfect place. We went to obe of my favorite locations in Netanya and apparently it is quite a popular one because there was another photographer there shooting with another model. I was using my Canon 600D with the flash and Sony A58 with a telephoto lens to take the photos. For the video I used my Samsung NX mini. I had it set up on a very unstable tripod and with the wind blowing the camera didn’t stand much chance.  It fell a couple of times right into the wet sand 🙁 The lens suffered some severe damage.

This is me trying to salvage the lens… it was not successful…

camera lens repair

Thankfully I had one more camera, of the same model, at home so I was able to replace it right away.


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