Taking Pictures of Women Does NOT Make You an Expert Photographer

An expert photographer has already spend lots of time exploring many fields of photography and after that maybe they chose to keep their main focus to one, or few genres, that they like the most.

This way of progressing  shows their true devotion to the art of photography.

If someone has only photographed young, attractive, half naked women and never explored any other field – that also shows true devotion… but to something else.

How can anyone claim that they are an artists while they are only able to find artistic value in very specific subjects?

It’s exciting to meet other photographers… unless it’s one of the cases when a guy goes on about all his expensive gear and equipment, talks about his long professional experience and then he show me his ‘work’ and guess what – all the photos are of women ! Absolutely all of them !

No portraits of males or seniors or babies or children, no nature photography, no events, no animals, no abstract, no still or tabletop photography – strictly and only women !

I did tell one of those guys that I  cannot see him as an expert photographer when his work is not only limited to one genre of photography… but limited to only one style of photography ( which was boudoir photography ).

And what he said to me was – “Well I photograph what is interesting to me, are you a woman hater or something?”

Another so called photographer was going on and on about how for each photo shoot he needs “new faces” ( again women only ).

I suggested to him to work with the same subject but to create a different mood and different scene, honestly if you know what you are doing you can make so many things with the same model.Even just a different make up or hairstyle can change so much.

However he somehow didn’t find my suggestion worth listening to because – he needed new faces and that was the only way he could work…

I also knew another person who decided that he is a photographer. All he ever did was boudoir photography of women, using his iPhone. He had no experience taking different types of photos or using professional equipment.

Also there was no money exchange. He would find volunteers, invite them over to his place and take pictures of them which he later on shared on – facebook.

To me he was neither an expert photographer nor a professional photographer.

Expert photographers have lots of experience working in different fields.

They  can shoot in manual mode , know how to work with their own gear and don’t take too long to adjust the settings on their camera in accordance to the light situation.

Of course we are talking about people that understand how the exposure triangle works and understand composition, dept of field, the rule of thirds, the three point lighting and are familiar with some aesthetic guidelines – those are the mare basics really.

Very important thing for anyone who wants to consider themselves an expert  photographer is the ability to work in various different settings, situations, time of day, indoor or outdoor, far or close – and those abilities come with experience.

A professional photographer get’s paid to take photos.

Now if we have someone who always shoots indoors, always with the same light source, always similar subjects and similar situation – how exactly can we know that they can do more than that ?

How am I supposed to trust that someone who takes photos of half naked women and have spent all their time in doing the same thing without learning anything new, will be able to take amazing landscape photos ?

One of two things will happen to those guys when or if a client comes along with a photo shoot request that doesn’t involve a lady – first they may refuse the job because it is not their favorite category of work… or second – they will take the job and if they are lucky they may even produce ok results but that doesn’t happen too often.

People that are serious about pursuing a career in photography know that they must constantly learn, improve and better their skills.

If you choose to learn just one thing and then just stick with it and never grow or progress – then you are not taking your photography journey seriously – so why should anyone else take it seriously ?

Which brings another point – if you are truly an artist you can find artistic value, pretty much any time, anywhere and in anything…

ice dam close up

This is a photo that I took of an Ice Dam because I saw a lot of beauty in it

So to sum it up – I personally cannot see how someone with a very limited vision and creativity who is also lacking the will to learn and push themselves forward can consider themselves a professional photographer….

Yet there still seem to be so many male photographers that only take photos of women…

I always wondered – what if tables were turned – what if I went along and took ONLY photos of half naked men ?

And then I insisted that I am an expert photographer but all you see in my portfolio is this:

men photography portfolio joke

What I’m saying in this post is that – the era of creepy dudes that use photography as an excuse to get women to strip isn’t going to last forever.

Even if it is your job – I cannot think of any more vile way of using your job to meet more women.

We know who you are and we know what you are… You are not really fooling anyone – well maybe yourselves sometimes 😉

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Estee White

Professional Photographer with 5 years of experience. Explored many photography fields but excel in Dance, Portraiture & Fashion.

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