Super Blue Blood Moon 31 January 2018

I heard about this “Super Blue Blood Moon” thing going on by family members who told me about it and I just had to take some photos 🙂 Usually I keep track of the moon and the Lunar Phases but recently I kinda lost track of what is going on a bit…

So I knew what was gong to happen and what to expect and I thought that I had my cameras and lenses all prepared… Well they kinda failed me alongside with any technical equipment I used for creating this post but more on that below…

Here is the photo or actually several photos because is a stack that I took of the moon, moments before it disappeared behind the building.

Super Blue Blood Moon photography

this photo has been altered a bit

Believe it or not that is a stack of 18 images – I used Zerene Stacker.

  • Camera – Sony A58 with 55-300mm telephotolens

I am personally super disappointed of my camera this time… well the lens actually. It is true that I didn’t have much time I only took those photos super quickly but I did have few tries before those and the results were even worse. What I mean is – I have been able to get better results using the same equipment in the past… So I “camnot” figure out what went wrong this time…

I also tried taking few shots using my Canon with a Sigma 70-300 mm lens and that was a disaster but that has always been a disaster cos this lens has a horrible focus and it way too wobbly all the time… so there was no surprise there…

I felt like I need to do something about the photo to make it look a bit better and that is why I altered the colors a bit 🙂 Here is a more realistic version of the moon – when speaking of colors –

Well I may or may not figure out what went wrong tonight but to me right now it just feels like it’s time to look for a new lens 🙂 and I have been wanting to get a Canon telephoto lens for super long time… just have to save up a bit 🙂

I wanted to add some info about the Super Blue Blood Moon so here it is –

Why is it named Super Blue Blood Moon?

“When the moon appears twice a month, it is named as the Blue Moon. Meanwhile the Supermoon is a phenomenon where the moon is the closest to the earth and Blood Moon is nothing but a reddish hue, which is something that will be seen on the moon as people are watching the lunar eclipse.”

“The second full moon of January passed through Earth’s shadow in a Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse today (Jan. 31), a rare lunar sight visible to millions of observers around the world. Today’s lunar eclipse was the first to coincide with a Blue Moon – a second full moon in one month – in North America in over 150 years. It was also the second “supermoon” of 2018, with the moon appearing slightly bigger and brighter than usual due to its closeness to Earth. And to top it off, the supermoon passed through Earth’s shadow this morning, casting a reddish hue on the lunar surface for more than 4 hours.”

I definitely do enjoy photographing the moon and the night sky all together. The best thing about the moon is that if your photos don’t turn out great you can always try again next month 🙂 or next year in this case. And next time I’m going to have more experience and will be better prepared to take up on that challenge – getting a good sharp photo of the moon.

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