Most Magical Photos – Straight out of Camera at Habima TLV

During my last trip to Israel I had the chance to watch a wonderful performance at the Habima Theatre in Tel Aviv

– הבימה התיאטרון הלאומי.

When I was told that I shouldn’t use a flash while photographing, I got a little worried about the light, I wasn’t sure weather there is going to be enough light to get good shots. Video recording was also out of the question which is perfectly fine with me since I am a photographer. Meaning even when I have a choice – I prefer capturing photos over videos any time.

I have to say I wan’s in my best condition that evening – I had a pinched nerve on my neck and half of my left arm was very numb and sadly I still haven’t recovered completely. My doctor recommended wearing a soft neck collar, which kinda helped a tiny bit and kinda didn’t cos I had to walk around looking like this –


Combined with me not feeling great physically there were also some non technical difficulties and interruptions that made me feel not great emotionally too. Right in the middle of me enjoying the show and capturing photos ( and yes – I enjoy everything even a bit better when I take a photos) something happened that made me think that the great mood I was in was ruined. I had a choice then… weather to stop taking photos… or do whatever adjustments needed to be done and continue taking photos. Here I must say -I wasn’t taking to many photos to begin with. The easier thing to do was to just stop photographing and go on feeling upset all the rest of the evening…

At that point my inner voice told me that – I did everything right – before taking any photos I asked exactly what I can and what I cannot do, I followed the rules and I didn’t take any videos. And knowing that nothing good in life ever comes easy, I decided that I am going to continue doing my thing – because who knows – I could possibly still create something good even in an odd situation.

And that is exactly what happened 🙂

The photos from that evening are the most natural, magical and captivating photos that I have taken so far. I din’t use a flash – I used only the ambient light coming from stage. I am publishing those photos straight out of camera, meaning – there is absolutely no post processing because there isn’t a single thing that I wish to change about them 🙂

You can see the whole album here – Habima Musical

This show is called – הערב מחזמר (“Tonight is a Musical”)

There are parts in Hebrew but the songs are in English.

If you have the chance you should definitely go and see it 🙂

I absolutely loved it 🙂



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