My name is Esther White and Estee is one of my nicknames.

My father used to be a photographer so I grew up knowing what a dark room is before I could even walk 🙂

I enjoy most types of photography. I love experimenting, learning and acquiring new skills.

When I work with people I emphasize on their most attractive features. During the photoshoots I guide my clients – I show them many different poses end expressions and they quickly discover how they like to be photographed. I am easy going and very communicative and I help people feel comfortable and relaxed. When I do event photography I blend in very well with the scene. I can phonograph either standing up close or at a greater distance – whatever the client prefers. For certain events I shoot short video clips as well.

I have six years of experience working in Israel, England and Bulgaria, occasionally I do extend my reach to other destinations – like New York 🙂

I have done many collaborations over the years and I value the way the creative process goes when working with other professionals.

I do all of the photo editing by myself because I enjoy it and also because in general I am against over manipulating images. There is a line that mustn’t be crossed and if you look at someone’s image and you start struggling to recognize them – that means that you have crossed that line. Of course sometimes I do create composites and indulge in extreme image alterations but I am always open about it.

I work with – Canon, Sony, Samsung


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