Glamour Photoshoot with MUA & Elly – Behind the Scenes

I made a quick video showing one of my recent photoshoots. I was working with one of my regular clients. This is the type of photoshoot that she wants and she was very happy with the results 🙂 I was collaborating with a makeup artist. I did the Photography, Retouch and two videos.

First video is showing parts of what a typical photoshoot looks like when I’m working from my home studio.

I have to say first of all – this is just a simple video showing things the way they are – natural process of my regular photoshoots – with private clients. This wasn’t a super fancy project so I didn’t include a lot of props – just a simple chair. Because sometimes is nice to just keep things simple. When the client pays for more – I do more of course 🙂

I have definitely noticed a difference when watching a behind the scene Glamour Photoshoot videos made by a female photographer and the ones made by male photographers. It seems to me a bit like the male photographers get a bit carried away in their desire to show that there was a pretty girl in their studio… I donno maybe it’s just how I see it…

In my videos I prefer to focus on the interaction between the photographer and the client. I think that it is very important for the two to be in sync and work together. I was directing the client – telling her the poses that I had in mind and also working with her – improving on some ideas that she had. Of course there is a big difference between doing a photoshoot for a private client and doing one for a bigger company.

This was a glamour photoshoot so yes the photographs have been retouched.

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