frozen flower ice cube

Yesterday I read an article about photographing frozen flowers and this has been something I wanted to try for a very long while 🙂 So I went to the flower market and I got some flowers – I didn’t use all of them, most are on my balcony and I am looking after them. They had to be tiny flowers so they can fit in my ice-cube tray. I knew that any bigger blocks of ice will take forever to freeze cos my freezer is not that powerful. I carefully selected the flowers that I like best and then arranged them in the tray 🙂Read More →

I have done quite a lot of event photography. Of course with events there is always a certain amount of unpredictability… people can always surprise you… Usually I do the photography by myself and if I have a friend with me it’s mostly to keep me company. Events usually take several hours so inevitably I have to go to the bathroom… One time I decided to leave my camera on the table and just asked my friend to keep an eye on it. All the people at the event were from a small local community so I sort of knew them and I felt likeRead More →

I made a quick video showing one of my recent photoshoots. I was working with one of my regular clients. This is the type of photoshoot that she wants and she was very happy with the results 🙂 I was collaborating with a makeup artist. I did the Photography, Retouch and two videos. First video is showing parts of what a typical photoshoot looks like when I’m working from my home studio. I have to say first of all – this is just a simple video showing things the way they are – natural process of my regular photoshoots – with private clients. This wasn’tRead More →

During my last trip to Israel I had the chance to watch a wonderful performance at the Habima Theatre in Tel Aviv – הבימה התיאטרון הלאומי. When I was told that I shouldn’t use a flash while photographing, I got a little worried about the light, I wasn’t sure weather there is going to be enough light to get good shots. Video recording was also out of the question which is perfectly fine with me since I am a photographer. Meaning even when I have a choice – I prefer capturing photos over videos any time. I have to say I wan’s in my bestRead More →

watermarks Estee White photography

In this video I am talking about Watermarks. Almost every time I post one of my photos to a facebook group, there is going to be at least one person to comment something about my watermark. And of course – everyone has an opinion over there but it’s rare that someone would have anything to say to back up their opinion. It’s like they are just repeating someone else’s words and they are not quite sure why… So I asked lot’s of people on and offline about watermarks and here is what I think – Watermarks are not pointless. The style of the watermark youRead More →

Super Blue Blood Moon

I heard about this “Super Blue Blood Moon” thing going on by family members who told me about it and I just had to take some photos 🙂 Usually I keep track of the moon and the Lunar Phases but recently I kinda lost track of what is going on a bit… So I knew what was gong to happen and what to expect and I thought that I had my cameras and lenses all prepared… Well they kinda failed me alongside with any technical equipment I used for creating this post but more on that below… Here is the photo or actually several photosRead More →

men photography portfolio joke

For me as a photographer is always exiting meeting other photographers… Unless it’s one of the cases when a male photographer goes on and on about all their expensive gear and equipment and talk about their extensive professional experience… Then they show me their work and guess what – all the photos they take are of women ! Absolutely all of them ! No, no Portraits of males or seniors or babies or children, no nature photography, no events, no animals, no abstract, no still or tabletop photography – strictly and only women ! I did tell one of those photographers that I personally cannotRead More →

poleart bulgaria event Estee White

First POLEART Event in Bulgaria took place on October 29th 2017. I am so happy that I was there and I was able to take lots of photos capturing some of the magic of the performances. I made a slideshow with most of the photos I took that day. The music I chose was the music that the winner in the Professionals Category of the competition had playing for her appearance on stage. You can browse trough the photo Gallery which is here I was using my Sony A58 camera with a 55-300 mm telephoto lens. The event took place indoors so I did useRead More →