Last Purim I was photographing the party organized by Chabad Bulgaria. Usually there are several performers that appear on stage. This time there was a singer – Avi Benedi and a comedian – Naor Zion. I got to say that I found the comedian’s jokes to be dark and dry… He was performing in Bulgaria and didn’t bother to adjust his routine for the audience – not even one little bit. Actually the thing that I didn’t like the most was the joke he said to me… He told me that my camera is OLD ! Can you believe that – who says that toRead More →

  Yesterday I did a very spontaneous super quick photoshoot with one of my regular talents 🙂 I knew I wanted to catch the sunset but I didn’t have my mind set on anything else. So we tried few silhouette shots, few different poses, different sunglasses and it was a lot of fun 🙂   Here is my favorite shot 🙂 This time I didn’t make a short behind the scene video clip to go along with the photoshoot… and I really wish I had… I could have recorder a video with my phone but I didn’t have a tripod, didn’t have my flash… IRead More →

I have discussed this topic so many times with other photographers and even models sometimes – how some poses, angles and different ways of presenting an object or scenery are a lot more aesthetically pleasing than others… The thing is – the opinions will vary and you will find that people’s understanding and views are very different. “The concept of the aesthetic descends from the concept of taste.” I like to think that there are general things that most people agree on when it comes to aesthetics in Photography. This is why I am going to include information that I gathered from few other sites.Read More →

clicking not slang

I really dislike it when people call photographing “clicking” or refer to a photograph as a – “click”… “Oh what a nice click you got over there”… A click is one short movement that you do with your mouse usually… I can understand if people mean it in the sense of – pressing the shutter button… but it limits the action only to that… English is not my native language so get it if people use that word just because they don’t exactly understand the difference in meaning. It is possible also that I am getting it wrong… but that is what it means toRead More →

comparison photography progress

Last night me and my husband had a talk about art and how an artist doesn’t need to compare his work to the work of other artists. My art is my photography so of course I was relating everything to it… I was saying that – comparing your work to the work of better photographers in theory helps you achieve a higher level – helps you grow & improve. My husband was saying that it isn’t necessary – you can still grow as an artist and keep getting better without comparing your work to other people’s work but just by comparing your current work toRead More →

Yesterday I read an article about photographing frozen flowers and this has been something I wanted to try for a very long while 🙂 So I went to the flower market and I got some flowers – I didn’t use all of them, most are on my balcony and I am looking after them. They had to be tiny flowers so they can fit in my ice-cube tray. I knew that any bigger blocks of ice will take forever to freeze cos my freezer is not that powerful. I carefully selected the flowers that I like best and then arranged them in the tray 🙂Read More →

I have done quite a lot of event photography. Of course with events there is always a certain amount of unpredictability… people can always surprise you… Usually I do the photography by myself and if I have a friend with me it’s mostly to keep me company. Events usually take several hours so inevitably I have to go to the bathroom… One time I decided to leave my camera on the table and just asked my friend to keep an eye on it. All the people at the event were from a small local community so I sort of knew them and I felt likeRead More →